Oura Ring data to Notion

- No technical skills are required
- Synchronized automatically, every day
- Start with all your data from last year!
- Pay once and use forever

How it works

(It's super simple)

Connect Notion

Easily connect your Notion workspace without technical hassle

Connect Oura

Connect your Oura account just as easily


A new template is created in your Notion account and we start synchronizing all your data from last year

Enjoy forever!

Your Oura data is synchronized to your Notion workspace every single day!

All the data you want

Everything that you see in your Oura app can be synchronized to Notion
Readiness Data Available data includes: readiness score, temperature deviation, body temperature, HRV balance, recovery index, resting heart rate and more!
Sleep Data Available data includes: sleep score, sleep efficiency, sleep latency, REM sleep, restfulness, sleep timing, total sleep and more!
Activity Data Available data includes: activity score, resting time, inactivity alerts, active calories, recovery time, training frequency and more! 


Pay once, use forever
$25 Start now Not satisfied ?
100% money back guarantee


If you have any questions, feedback or problems please reach out to us! You can click on the chat icon on the bottom right or send an email to
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